News Release

01 Apr The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2015

Dear Applicants for IAPLC 2015 As for IAPLC 2015, the online application is open! >>IAPLC Online Application<< For details of the rules and regulations are available on ADA official website and flyers. Please note that it is strictly prohibited to apply identical work to other contests*, or to...

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20 Mar Aquasky MOON is now available in Malaysia!

Aqua Sky Moon, enhances the brightness of the LED to about 1.5 times compared to conventional aqua sky. Acrylic Stand subjected to frost processing, the entire stand is lighted at the time of lighting lit on, gently directing the   [image_with_text image='' title='' title_color='' title_tag='']   [/image_with_text]room as moonlight...

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