Aquarium Tank

An aquarium tank is not just a rearing box. It can raise fish with lots of aquatic plants by recreating an environment – just like nature. That is Nature Aquarium and the idealized concept of tanks. A school of fish hide behind thick aquatic plants and swim free in the space surrounded by plants… A beautiful tank recreated natural environment is not a distance between fish and human being but it is a connection..

Cube Garden Superior

Cube Garden Superior is the ideal form of ADA aquarium tank. The concept is to show beautiful scenery maximally. German heat resistant glass is used and put together with high temperature.
(Made-to-order, Not correspond Metal Hook or Glass Cover)

*  Stainless-steel hook is NOT included.
* In some cases, the product may contain small air bubbles in glass joints due to product characteristics.

Article Code Size Glass thickness (mm) Capacity
102-804 W10×D10×H10 3 0.9
102-802 W20×D20×H20 3 7.6
102-806 W30×D30×H30 5 25
102-805 W45×D30×H30 5 38
102-801 W60×D30×H36 5 60

Cube Garden

Cube Garden is a standard type tank for Nature Aquarium. It’s transparency is higher than previous model’s. Gives more clear and beautiful presentation of aquascape. Produced by experienced craftsmen by hand.
(Glass Cover corresponds D type and E type)

Article Code Size Glass thickness (mm) Number of hooks Capacity(L)
102-870 W30×D30×H30 5 4 25
102-865 W30×D18×H24 5 4 12
102-863 W36×D22×H26 5 4 19
102-8545 W45×D24×H16 5 16
102-8512 W45×D27×H30 5 4 34
102-8514 W45×D30×H45 6 4 56
102-871 W45×D45×H45 6 4 85
102-8555 W60×D30×H18 5 30
102-8522 W60×D30×H36 6 4 60
102-8524 W60×D30×H45 6 4 75
102-8534 W60×D45×H45 8 4 112
102-8532 W75×D45×H45 8 8 141
102-8543 W90×D45×H45 10 8 166
102-8554 W90×D45×H60 10 8 223
102-8553 W120×D45×H45 12 8 219
102-8563 W120×D45×H60 12 8 295
102-8562 W180×D60×H60 12 16 590

Cube Garden Mist

The tank has a sand-blasted glass in the back. By placing the tank in a well-lighted area, such as by the window, the back side glass diffuses the light softly, and makes aquarium bright. It matches very nicely with Cube Cabinet Mist 60.

Article Code Size Glass thickness (mm) Number of hooks Capacity
102-8801 W60×D30×H36 6 4 60

Cube Cabinet Clear

Cube Cabinet Clear is an aquarium cabinet made of the same clear glass material as Cube Garden (Woodbase Board is an optional item). With its ultimately simple design, this cabinet perfectly matches Cube Garden and AQUASKY. For 60cm aquarium tanks, complete stand sets, including Solar Ⅰ/Solar Ⅱ Stand and Woodbase Board are also available. Please select product according to your lighting system.

* Cube Cabinet 60 may not be used for W60×D30×H45cm tanks.(It is exclusively designed for W60×D30×H36cm tanks)
* No lighting system is included in this product.

Article Code item
108-616 Cube Cabinet Clear for W30×D30
108-617 Cube Cabinet Clear for W30×D18
108-618 Cube Cabinet Clear for W36×D22
108-619 Cube Cabinet Clear for W45×D27
108-620 Cube Cabinet Clear for W60×D30
108-613 Cube Cabinet Clear 60 (with Solar Ⅰ Stand and Woodbase Board)
108-613 Cube Cabinet Clear 60 (with Solar Ⅱ Stand and Woodbase Board)

Cube Cabinet Mist

This Cube Cabinet for 60cm tanks uses a sand-blasted glass for its rear plate. When installed in a well-lighted location such as a window side, Cube Cabinet Mist softly diffuses the light coming from the back. It is available with an optional Woodbase Board and also as the set that comes with Solar Ⅰ/Solar Ⅱ Stand. Please select product set according to your lighting system.

Article Code item
108-610 Cube Cabinet Mist 60
108-602 Cube Cabinet Clear 60 (with Solar Ⅰ Stand and Woodbase Board)
108-603 Cube Cabinet Clear 60 (with Solar Ⅱ Stand and Woodbase Board)

Woodbase Board

Woodbase Board is specifically designed for Cube Cabinet to provide enhanced stability. It allows the safe use of Cube Cabinet. For 60cm tanks, ADA offers a single bottom Woodbase Board and a set of top and bottom Woodbase Board. The set is for the installation of Solar Ⅰ or Solar Ⅱ, whereas the single board is suitable when using AQUASKY.

Article Code item
108-626 Woodbase Board W30×D30
108-627 Woodbase Board W30×D18
108-628 Woodbase Board W36×D22
108-629 Woodbase Board W45×D27
108-630 Woodbase Board W60×D30 (1unit)
108-631 Woodbase Board W60×D30 for Solar series(Small and Large)

Wood Cabinet

Wood Cabinet is specially designed wooden cabinet for safely placing the Cube Garden. Its robust construction is durable against warp and quake. Simple design matches well with Cube Garden.

* Please make a contact us for special processing for setting Cube Garden Overflow and Filter Sump.
* Made-to-order
* All Wood Cabinets are delivered in pre-assembled form.

Wood Cabinet Gun Metallic Silver Black Off White Light Wood Dark Wood
No Aquarium size (cm) Cabinet Size (cm) Article Code Article Code Article Code Article Code Article Code
1 W30×D18 W45×D25×H70 108-5391 108-5413
W36×D22 W45×D25×H70 108-5392 108-5414
2 W45×D45 W45×D45×H70 108-5365 108-5362 108-5361 108-5363 108-5364
W60×D30 W60×D30×H70 108-5315 108-5312 108-5311 108-5313 108-5314
W60×D45 W60×D45×H70 108-5345 108-5342 108-5341 108-5343 108-5344
W75×D45 W75×D45×H70 108-5355 108-5352 108-5351 108-5353 108-5354
3 W90×D45 W90×D45×H70 108-5325 108-5322 108-5321 108-5323 108-5324
W120×D45 W120×D45×H70 108-5335 108-5332 108-5331 108-5333 108-5334
W180×D60 W180×D60×H70 108-5385 108-5382 108-5381 108-5383 108-5384

Wood Cabinet White (equipped with exclusive stand)

This is a Wood Cabinet that matches Solar Ⅰ White. It becomes interior accessory and express freshness in a room. There are High and Low type. Low type is good for enjoying aquarium as sitting on the floor. It corresponds to W60×D30×H36cm aquarium tank and enables to arrange hose and tube neatly.

* This is for W60×D30×H36cm tank.
* The above pictures are setting image.
* The product does not include aquarium tank, glass pipes or lighting.
* This product is pre-assembled, and its exclusive stand will be installed in the fixed place.

no Article Code Item Cabinet Size(cm)
1 108-5411 Wood Cabinet White Low type W90×D40×H55
2 108-5412 Wood Cabinet White High type W90×D40×H70

Garden Stand

The rectilinear design aquarium stand, made by steel matches Cube Garden. Durable counter brace structure and height adjuster for leveling the Stand are equipped.

* This product is ready-to-assemble.

Article Code Garden Stand Size (cm) Color Size(cm)
108-5021 60 Gun Metallic Silver W66.2×D33.3×H71.1
108-5041 90 Gun Metallic Silver W96.2×D48.3×H71.1

Garden Stand Rack

This is the optional rack designed for Garden Stand. You can place small CO2 cartridge bottle and liquid fertilizers here.

Article Code Garden Stand Size (cm) Color Size(cm)
108-5121 60 Gun Metallic Silver W45×D11.5×H30
108-5141 90 Gun Metallic Silver W70×D11.5×H30

Cube Garden Hook

Stainless steel hooks for placing the glass cover on Cube Garden. Select the right size according to the thickness of the aquarium glass.

Article Code item
102-8882 5mm
102-8883 6mm
102-8884 8mm
102-8885 10mm
102-8886 12mm

Garden Mat

Garden Mat is designed to absorb impacts of distortion and quake. We strongly recommend to use Garden Mat with Cube Garden.

The mat is slightly bigger than aquarium. Please cut to a proper size before installing.

Article Code Aquarium Size (cm) Thickness (mm)
108-408 30×18 5
108-409 36×22 5
108-410 30×30 5
108-401 45×30 5
108-402 60×30 5
108-403 60×45 5
108-405 90×45 8
108-406 120×45 8
108-407 180×60 8

Aqua Screen

Aqua Screen is a colored vinyl screen sheet to decorate the back side of aquarium tank. Please select your preferred color according to your aquarium layout image or interior design. Non-translucent Normal type and translucent Clear type are available in Blue color. Black color is available for Normal type only.

Aqua Screen・Normal Type

Size (cm) Blue Black
W60×H36 61×37 102-811 102-813
W90×H45 91×46 102-821 102-823
W120×H45 121×46 102-831 102-833
W90×H60 91×61 102-8231
W120×H60 121×61 102-8331
W180×H60 181×61 60×45 102-8431

Aqua Screen・Clear Type

Size (cm) Blue
W60×H36 61×37 102-814 
W90×H45 91×46 102-824
W120×H45 121×46 102-834

NA Thermometer J

NA Thermometer J is a thermometer designed for the Nature Aquarium. White type is easy to read the scale, and sleek design matches with various types of frame-less tanks like Cube Garden. It can be easily installed on the edge of aquarium without using suction cup. Please select the size in accordance with the thickness of your aquarium.

* Temperature Measuring Range: 0-40 ℃ (measurement deviation: within ±1℃)
* Registered Design

No Article Code Item Thickness(mm)
1 102-001 J-05WH 5
2 102-002 J-06WH 6
3 102-003 J-08WH 8
4 102-004 J-10WH 10
102-005 J-12WH 12
5 102-006 J-15WH 15
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