CO2 System

CO2 added into the water is absorbed by aquatic plants to carry out photosynthesis as producing a lot of oxygen. Fish, shrimps and microorganisms use this oxygen to breathe and to live. To define methods for growing aquatic plants, ADA has been working on the development since its establishment. That is how the CO2 System with small cartridge and regulator was created and commoditized ahead of the rest of the world in 1985. It definitely made it easy to grow aquatic plants.

Pollen Glass Series

Pollen Glass

It is a basic model diffuser for 60cm size aquarium. It disperses CO2 in fine bubbles and diffuses them efficiently into the water. The original model has a simple design and does not disturb aquascape.

Article Code Item
102-101 for CO2
102-111 for AIR

Pollen Glass TYPE-2

It’s diffusion filter is placed at a higher position than the original model. But, this doesn’t make any difference in their basic performance, such as CO2 diffusing ability. Please choose as your preference.

Article Code Item
102-1013 for CO2

Pollen Glass TYPE-3

TYPE-3 has the same diffusing ability as the original and TYPE-2, but it’s with a new design. Silicon tube connecting part is in upright position, and it can be connected without bending the tube.

Article Code Item
102-1014 for CO2

New Pollen Glass

New Pollen Glass is the redesigned model of the Pollen Glass, with diagonally cut opening. The diffusing ability is same as original Pollen Glass. You can set this neatly inside a Cube Garden with a furnished Joint Glass.

Article Code Item
102-1011 for CO2

Pollen Glass Mini

Pollen Glass Mini is designed for small size aquariums (Use aquarium with less than 5mm glass thickness). It can be set without using any suction cups to an aquarium tank.

Article Code Item
102-1012 for CO2

Pollen Glass Large

This is the Pollen Glass with a wider diffusion filter, which is placed on the side panel of aquarium. Its unique J-shape glass pipe design sits elegantly inside the aquarium tank. 20Ø is designed for 60cm tank with fully grown sun plants, such as Riccia that requires much CO2 and 30Ø diffuses CO2 effectively for 75-90cm tank. Pollen Glass Large is made of glass including J-shape parts. Careful handling is required when attaching or detaching suction cup.

Article Code Item
102-106 20Ø for CO2
102-116 20Ø for AIR
102-107 30Ø for CO2
102-117 30Ø for AIR

Pollen Glass Beetle

Pollen Glass Beetle has a wider diffusion filter. Unique design Beetle sits conveniently on an inside corner of an aquarium tank. For a large size tank, Beetle can be placed on multiple numbers of corners. 30Ø is suitable for 90cm size tank, 40Ø for 90-120cm tank, and 50Ø for 120-180cm tank.

Article Code Item
102-103 20Ø for CO2
102-113 20Ø for AIR
102-104 40Ø for CO2
102-114 40Ø for AIR
102-105 50Ø for CO2
102-115 50Ø for AIR

CO2 System

Cabochon Ruby

It is a durable and decorative glass made check valve. The valve is produced from a mineral close to Ruby, and it does not deteriorate from a long-term use. Moisten the mineral before installation.

Article Code Item
102-103 20Ø for CO2
102-113 20Ø for AIR
102-104 40Ø for CO2
102-114 40Ø for AIR
102-105 50Ø for CO2
102-115 50Ø for AIR

CO2 Bubble Counter

It is a bubble counter for measuring the amount of CO2 supply. According to each aquarium condition, it can supply adequate amount of CO2 even for beginners. Its simple yet functional design well matches Pollen Glass.

Article Code

CO2 Beetle Counter

It is a CO2 bubble counter for large size aquariums. It has a practical and playful design, and the bubbles can be easily counted as CO2 rises in a spiral. It is designed to be used with Pollen Glass Large or Pollen Glass Beetle.

Article Code

Join Glass / Check Valve

Joint Glass

Joint Glass is the connection parts for preventing silicone tube bent at rim of tank. Please choose size depending on thickness of tank or connecting situation of silicone tube. JG-007 is for Pollen Glass or TYPE-2, and JG-008 is for Pollen Glass TYPE-3, Pollen Glass Large or Pollen Glass Beetle.

Article Code Item Size
102-701 JG-001 Diameter 11mm
102-702 JG-002 Diameter 18mm
102-703 JG-003 Diameter 22mm
102-704 JG-004 Diameter 33mm
102-704 JG-007 Diameter 18mm
102-707 JG-007 Diameter 12mm Height: 210mm
102-708 JG-008 Diameter 50mm Height: 160mm

Check Valve

This is a check valve that prevents water from flowing back into CO2 regulator. It is included to CO2 Bubble Counter and CO2 Beetle Counter. Check Valve is a consumable part that needs to be replaced with a new one approximately once a year.

CO2 Counter / Cabochon Ruby

CO2 System 74-YA/Ver.2

YA is the standard-grade regulator for CO2 small cartridge. We value both safety and function, and chose to use reliable Japanese parts, such as floating needle for opening the cartridge, and high-precision speed controller.

CO2 System 74-SA

SA is the high-grade model regulator for CO2 small cartridge. You can control the discharge pressure in a range of 0.00-0.35MPa, and you can control the pressure depending on the number of aquarium tanks.

* A bottle of CO2 System 74 Tropical Forest No.1 Amazonian included.

CO2 System 74-Tropical Forest

CO2 small cartridge for CO2 System 74. Fragrances of the world’s three major tropical rainforest images are added to highly-pure CO2. It is equipped with original safety seal and original connection pitch. Even beginners can easily attach the cartridge to the regulator.

* Net contents: 74g (fragrant beads included)
* CO2 lasts approximately one month with the supply of 1 bubble per second through CO2 Bubble Counter, 8 hours per day.

CO2 Advanced System

CO2 Advanced System includes basic equipments of CO2 supply for 60cm standard size aquarium. It contains all the necessary parts, such as Ball Valve, Pressure-resistance and Silicone tube, and it is suitable for a CO2 supply beginner.

CO2 System 74-YA/Ver.2
CO2 System 74
Tropical Forest No.1 Amazonian
Pollen Glass for CO2
CO2 Bubble Counter
Check Valve, Ball Valve
Cap Stand, Pressure-resistance Tube
Silicone Tube, Suction Cup
Green Bacter

Cap Stand

It is a stand for CO2 System 74 cartridge. Metal Cap Stand made of stainless steel is also available. The cartridge bottle must be used in a upright position.

Clear Stand for CO2 System 74

Clear Stand is a CO2 cartridge stand specially designed for ADA CO2 System 74-Tropical Forest series. It is placed on the side of a tank in an elegant form. Its clear acrylic material goes well with frame-less aquariums like Cube Garden.

* Mountable on the side panel of pool type aquarium tank 6mm or less in thickness.
* The regulator and CO2 cartridge shown in the image photo are not included in the product package.
* It is not possible to use with Do!aqua CO2 Starter Kit.

CO2 System for large aquarium tank


Tower is a refillable CO2 tank equipped with elegant stainless steel case for safety reasons. It is economical because the tank can store the same amount of CO2 as 18 small cartridges, and suitable for large size aquarium tank. The stainless steel cover keeps CO2 tank securely in upright position.

Length / 50cm
Standard accessory / Dedicated wrench

CO2 Attache Regulator

It is standard type regulator for refillable CO2 tank. The simple design regulator is suitable for ADA Tower refillable CO2 tank, and it is equipped with fixed pressure inhibition function (0.30MPa) and second pressure safety hole for safety and functionality.

* This product is NOT compatible with CO2 small cartrige. Includes an Extra Inner Seal.

CO2 Speed Regulator

This is the highgrade model for refillable CO2 tank. Adjustable pressure inhibition function (0-0.35MPa) allows the outflow pressure to be manually controlled, and it is compatible with CO2 distribution parts. Excellent for distributing CO2 supply to multiple aquarium tanks.

* This product is NOT compatible with CO2 small cartrige. Includes an Extra Inner Seal.

CO2 Adapter

This is an adapter to connect CO2 System 74-YA Ver.2 and SA regulator to the refillable CO2 tank.With CO2 Adapter, you can switch to Tower from Tropical Forest and vice versa.

* This is exclusively designed for ADA genuine CO2 System74-YA / Ver.2 and SA. Includes an Extra Inner Seal.

NA Control Timer / EL Valve

NA Control Timer

It has three outlets: two for lighting control and one for air pump. The outlet for air pump is inversely connected with lighting circuit, and it is activated when the timer is turned off.

* Voltage / AC100V 50/60Hz
* Due to the circuit capacity, only one Solar Ⅰ or Grand Solar Ⅰ can be connected with a NA Control Timer.
* Use with only ADA genuine regulators. Three outlets (one of them is reverse circuit). Each outlet accepts up to 200W.

EL Valve

EL Valve is an solenoid valve for CO2 supply. It can be connected with a commercially available electric timer, and it can control CO2 supply automatically with an electromagnetic valve.

* Voltage / AC100V 50/60Hz
* Use with only ADA genuine regulators.

Air Sweeper

Air Sweeper

It is a deodorant container, and designed for adding effects of aroma, deodorizing and disinfection to the air sent to the aquarium tank. Forest fragrance Clean Beads reduces the aquarium tank odor during the aeration at night.

* Do NOT use for CO2 System.

Article Code Item
108-201 Air Sweeper Metal type

Clean Beads

Use inside of Air Sweeper. In order to keep the highest performance, replace new Clean Beads every month.

Article Code Item
108-202 Clean Beads 30g

Accessory Parts / Tube

Speed Controller

Flow rate controller for a precise CO2 supply. When one source of CO2 is branched off, each line needs a separate Speed Controller. Please use Speed Controller in case of supplying less than 1 bubble per second. Speed Controller G is used for over 1 bubble per second.

No. Article Code Item
1 110-061 Speed Controller
2 110-062 Speed Controller G

Stop Valve

Easy On-Off CO2 flow switch by turning the handle. Ball Valve G has a larger handle for easy operation. Ball Valve is small, and barely-noticeable. You can select from two different colors.

No. Article Code Item
1 110-031 Hand Valve
2 110-042 Ball Valve Black
3 110-044 Ball Valve White
4 110-041 Ball Valve G

Joint Parts

For connecting Pressure-resistance tubes for CO2 supply. Joint Stick is also used with silicone tube.

No. Article Code Item
1 110-011 Straight Union
2 110-012 Elbow Union
3 110-0141 Joint Stick Metal Type (3 pcs)

Mini Gauge

CO2 pressure gauge for checking the level of CO2 pressure inside distribution tubes. Connect the tubes to both ends and stop the flow of CO2. Then, measure the pressure.

No. Article Code Item
1 110-071 Mini Gauge

Multiple Line Branch

Joint parts used for delivering CO2 to multiple distributing lines. It is used when supplying CO2 into several aquarium tanks from large CO2 bottle, or placing multiple diffusers with a large tank in order to improve diffusion efficiency.

No. Article Code Item
1 110-001 T branch (Blue)
2 110-003 T branch (Black)
3 110-004 Y branch (Blue)
4 110-006 Y branch (Black)

Parts Set

A set of accessories (suction cups, silicone tube, check valve) for the installation of glass products for CO2 distribution. Please replace check valve every year. It is recommended to replace silicone tube all together.

* Suction cup and silicone tube become hardened when used in water for a long time. Please replace once a year for keeping their performance.

No. Article Code Item
1 101-507 Clear Parts Set
2 101-506 Gray Parts Set

Tube Holder

Neatly and efficiently organize 2-4 Pressure Tube lines. When supplying CO2 into numbers of aquariums, tube arrangement becomes a mess, but tube Holder enables neat arrangement.

No. Article Code Item
1 110-301 2 Tube Holding Clamp
2 110-302 3 Tube Holding Clamp
3 110-303 4 Tube Holding Clamp

Pressure Resistance Tube

It is used for the connection between CO2 Regulator and Check Valve. This tube is also good for connecting the joint parts. Do NOT connect it directly to the glass products.

No. Color Length Article Code Length Article Code
1 Black 2m 110-120 20m 110-100
2 Green 2m 110-121 20m 110-101
3 Red 2m 110-122 20m 110-102
4 Orcher 2m 110-123 20m 110-103
5 Orange 2m 110-124 20m 110-104
6 Snow White 2m 110-125 20m 110-105
7 Yellow 2m 110-126 20m 110-106
8 Blue 2m 110-127 20m 110-107
9 Clear Blue 2m 110-128 20m 110-108
10 Clear 2m 110-129 20m 110-109
11 Gun Metallic 2m 110-130 20m 110-110
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