Fish Food

In Nature Aquarium, raising fish as maintaining beautiful dense aquatic plants, it requires extra care selecting fish food and feeding fish, compared to have them in a bare tank. Conditions of feeding to grow both aquatic plants and fish are excellent digestion and absorption in addition to high nutrition value. The ADA fish food AP series was developed aiming for artificial food better than plankton which are considered as the best.

Fish Food AP Series

Fish Food AP

Basic fish food of the Nature Aquarium. Because they provide a good float and high diet digestibility, the amount of leftovers and excretion from fish will be reduced. It results in slowing the process of water contamination. 3 grain sizes are available. Please choose one matching to the size of your fish.

Article Code Item Fish Species Volume
107-001 AP-1 Fry / small fish  15g
107-002 AP-1 Fry / small fish  70g
107-003 AP-1 Fry / small fish  300g
107-011 AP-2 Adult fish / middle size fish  15g
107-012 AP-2 Adult fish / middle size fish  70g
107-013 AP-2 Adult fish / middle size fish  300g
107-022 AP-3 Adult fish / large size fish  70g
107-023 AP-3 Adult fish / large size fish 300g

Fish Food AP-GOLD

A series of high-nutrient fish food with good-quality protein and vegetable matter. It contains taurine which effectively enhances health of the fish. Excellent for the types of fish difficult to feed and also for marine fish. Each grain is smaller than AP series.

Article Code Item Fish Species  Volume
107-101 AP-1 GOLD Fry / small fish  25g
107-111 AP-2 GOLD Adult fish / middle size fish  25g
107-121 AP-3 GOLD Adult fish / middle size fish  25g


Using carefully selected ingredients that are easily digestible by fishes, Fish Food AP PREMIUM is enriched with calcium essential for maintaining a good health of fishes and achieves the best nutrient balance among the Fish Food AP series. Besides having advantages such as reduced fish excretions and slowing down of water contamination, it is also ideal for wild fishes having a sensitive digestive system.

Article Code Item Fish Species  Volume
107-035 AP-1 Premium Fry / small fish  25g
107-036 AP-2 Premium Adult fish / middle size fish  25g
AP Glass

AP Glass

AP Glass is a perfect glass feeder for ADA’s Fish Food AP line-ups. Its softly curved glass surface fits your hand securely, and it will bring you a joy of feeding. AP Glass makes it possible to feed your fish right amount of food without a direct contact to fish food.

* Including Fish Food AP-1 and AP-2 15g / each

Article Code Item
102-501 AP Glass

Clear Stand for AP Glass

This clear acrylic stand is created exclusively for AP Glass. Since the stand is attached on the side panel of aquarium, you can feed fish quickly when needed. Its simple design matches well with Cube Gadrden.

* The picture shows a complete set image. Shown AP Glass is optional.

Article Code Item
101-208 Clear Stand for AP Glass
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