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    For the latest ADA Malaysia information and inquiries, please follow us and message us on ADA Malaysia Facebook. Thank you....

  • IAPLC 2015 Results

    Thank you for joining the 15th International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest. This year, the contest received a total of 2,545 entries from 69 counties and areas. All the works were impartially graded and determined, and now we are pleased to announce the contest results. The......

  • Memory of Takashi Amano

    Shooted by a film director, Hiroyuki Nakano, the video of Takashi Amano and Nature Aquarium is now on YouTube. This video was originally made for a demonstration of TV produced by Pioneer. It was shooted at the Nature Aquarium gallery. At the beginning, Takashi Amano......


    In conjuction with AquaPets exhibtion at the Mines International Exhibition Centre on 18th~20th September 2015. This is onsite judging contest. Participants is required to bring the decorated Aquatic Planted Tank for the contest. Tank size limit from 30cm to 60cm. Please come and join the......

  • The loss of Takashi Amano

    Dear Friends, With our deepest sorrow, we announce that Takashi Amano, President & CEO of Aqua Design Amano Co., Ltd., passed away on August 4, 2015. It was Amano’s wish that his funeral to be conducted by his close family members only. As Amano had......

  • The Road to the World’s Largest Nature Aquarium Vol.3

    Takashi Amano × Oceanário de Lisboa The 3rd shot movie released...

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